We Bring Out the Collective Knowledge

THRIVE provides facilitation and process consulting services that help you create the change you desire.

It’s not about telling you what to do – we believe the knowledge is already there and that people just need to be heard. It’s about listening to understand the needs, engage the right people and provide a process that leads to action.

Here are the services we offer:

1) Visioning (strategic planning)table

Challenges: Your organization lacks focus or direction or is having difficulty determining how to use resources efficiently and effectively.

Solutions: THRIVE enables you to participate along with the members of your team.

We garner the collective wisdom of your group and harness its’ strength to create priorities, strategies and actions that inspires everyone.

2) Diverse Stakeholder Meetings

Challenges: You want to know your stakeholders needs, what your conference delegates opinions are,  or how to bring diverse organizations together on a legacy project.

Solutions: THRIVE facilitates stakeholder and conference sessions that provide the space for each person to have a voice and feel heard.

We use adult education principles and processes to promote committed listening and highlight the collective intelligence from the group.

Your delegates, professionals, or diverse organizational  members will walk out feeling committed to the outcome because they felt heard.

3)  Conflict Resolution

Challenge: You want to resolve the conflict within your team, your organization. Or perhaps in your neighbourhood or community.

Solutions: THRIVE conducts in-depth interviews with members of your team to uncover the root issues. We will then design and guide your through a process to develop a healthy, thriving culture.

4)  Organization /System Transformation

Challenges:  You want a new way to do business? It’s time to transform how the current system works (education, non profit)?

Solutions: Thrive will interview key players in the organization/system, create a custom process and guide you through it to create the change you desire.

5)  Social Impact shutterstock_140761789

Challenge: You want to have social impact in your community possibly lowering the crime rate, poverty, or rate of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Solutions: THRIVE  designs a collective impact structure that allows you to bring the corporate, non profit and government together to create the social impact you desire.

We’re there to ensure your group creates a common direction and finds ways of working together—even when members come from different organizations or sectors.