We Bring Out the Collective Knowledge

THRIVE provides Executive Coaching and Facilitation that helps transform your team, organization or community.

It’s not about telling you what to do – we believe you are fully confident, capable and competent. It’s about being a thinking partner, 100% present with you, your team, your organization, or your community, asking questions to expand thinking that leads to new possibilities, peace of mind and action.

Here are the services we offer:

1) Executive Coaching

40% of Managers report suffering from extreme levels of stress over the last six months, and 20% will leave the organization. (hrreporter.com, Jan 2018)

It cost 200% of an annual salary to replace high trained employees, for a manager it is greater as you need to consider the financial impact of their teams going without support and direction.

Allow me the opportunity to eliminate your retention risk and work with your managers to break through mindsets and behaviours that are contributing to their high stress levels and empower them to reach their potential, improve their communication, and productivity.

Our coaches use the Excelerator Coaching Model – Engage, Englighen, Empower and Excel in each coaching conversation and are all Royal Roads Certified Executives Coaches (November 2018)




2) Strategic Planning

If your organization lacks focus or direction or is having difficulty determining how to use resources efficiently and effectively.

 THRIVE enables you to participate along with the members of your team.

We garner the collective wisdom of your group and harness its’ strength to create priorities, strategies and actions that inspires everyone.


3) Community Facilitation

 You want to know your communities needs, opinions or how to create a legacy project in partnership with the community with ease.

 THRIVE facilitates community sessions that provide the space for each person to have a voice and feel seen and heard.

We use adult education principles and processes to promote committed listening and highlight the collective intelligence from the group.

Your community members will walk out feeling committed to the outcome because they felt heard.


4)  Conflict Resolution

You want to resolve the conflict within your team, your organization. Or perhaps in your neighbourhood or community.

 THRIVE conducts in-depth interviews with members of your team to uncover key themes. We will then lead a circle process using the appreciative inquiry methodology  (see below) to ensure every voice is heard and we move to a positive transformation.


5) Leadership Development Training

 You want a new model of leadership to bring to your team. One that utilizes qualities of being a warrior, capitalizing on your intuition and creating safe spaces.

 Thrive will provide a 30 min keynote or a 3 day workshop on the 6 qualities for creating a Wisdom Leader.






6)  Team Facilitation and Coaching

 You want to transform your team and open to using a coaching model.

 THRIVE  uses one on one interviews and the Excelerator Coaching Model – Engage, Englighen, Empower and Excel to transform your team.