Steps to Thrive

Where is your organization headed? What are the next steps to achieve your vision? How to ensure everyone is passionate, engaged, and focused on the same goal?


These are questions faced by sports organizations daily, without the answers it is difficult to sustain, grow, or thrive; when you thrive you achieve your organizations true potential.

A strategic plan outlining your, mission, vision, and values is the way to thrive.  Without clearly defining your mission an organization cannot unite around a common goal.  The mission is the guiding force that drives your organization.

Where will the organization be in three years? What is the vision for your organization?

A clear vision of your organization enables volunteers, staff, and participants to grow with the organization embodying the mission.Values tie the mission and vision together.  When an organization thrives there is no question what is valued.


Crafting a meaningful mission statement, value statement, and organizational goals is what “Steps to Thrive” achieves. This six-week online class is your opportunity to enable your organization to thrive. Through engaging and impactful lessons you will be able to convey what your organization stands for and where is it going.


Each lesson is broken down into manageable sections, each week a different aspect of the strategic plan is taught and you create it. This part time class will maximize your time, the sections were created with your schedule in mind, and the short weekly evening meetings hold you accountable, pushing you to succeed.

Why dedicate thousands of dollars and your weekends to your strategic plan. Steps to Thrive” is manageable and affordable.  All sports organizations large and small alike should be given the opportunity to thrive, now is your opportunity.

Making time to bring your team or board together for planning, team building, gathering needs or feedback is important.

Sessions will be held from Thursday, September 17, 2015 ending October 29 , 2015. Each Tuesday evening, we will have our group coaching call at 8:30 pm MST. You will have an opportunity to connect with other sports organizations at every stage or the process.

We offer webinars that give you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your office and connect with other non-profit professionals in our community.

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