Outcomes we helped create!

Strategic/Operational Planning

  • A strategic plan for the Family Violence Action Society and an engaged board after bringing in a participant, who had used violence on his wife and children, and who’s life had transformed after participating in their rehabilitation program.
  • Concrete goals, priorities and an action plan for the Alberta Spay/Neuter Task Force to have a broader outreach in the First Nations community to create safer communities for the local children.
  • A strategic plan for Vegreville Individuals with Disabilities Society and a new revenue source – assisting seniors with lawn and snow maintenance vs. working at the bottle depot.  Other outcomes was a work environment where staff thrived, a new garden out front and new location where individuals were part of the community – coming in the front door vs having to go in the back door through the alley.

  • The Early Years Conference Committee brought together leaders in their community to identify what trends are on the horizon,  emerging,  existing, and disappearing which informed them on  2014 conference focus.


Stakeholder input

  • shutterstock_152612432Lacombe Family and Community Support Services were able to listen to the unique needs of children, seniors, and adults to assist them in planning for the next 3 years.
  • Edmontonians across the City of Edmonton created what they want their community to look like in 10 yrs and how to move towards it.
  • Professionals came together at the Senior’s Falls conference to listen to colleagues from across the country and identify key actions to move towards.
  • Facilitated focus groups with SaskTel clients to develop new brand positioning statement against Sprint’s “unlimited calling” strategy.

Organization Development

  • A ski club pulled away from the brink of bankruptcy to create a healthy, creative environment with a new summer revenue stream.
  • Created the current City of Edmonton Employee Engagement survey.  Shared results with 1,500 Transportation and Street staff from engineers to street cleaners to transit drivers in ways that worked for each group. Staff recommendations were communicated to the management team and implemented to create a more engaging workplace.
  • Transformed the Office of Collective Bargaining Group by conducting one – on – one interviews with staff and identifying key areas to move towards. Pre survey themes were feelings of chaos, exclusion, put downs to  post survey themes, we are number one, family, trust and productivity.
  • Facilitated a gap analysis for a health unit managing the distribution of specialized drugs. The unit moved from a six-month backlog to no backlog within one year
  • Completed a re-structuring with the Central East region for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario by consulting with staff. Results were a more efficient work environment for managing long-term care, mental health, and hospital facilities.


Community Development

  •  A group of citizens in Fort Chipewyan realized their dream of bringing a million-dollar youth center to the community.
  • Fairview Drug coalition came together to listen and create a plan of how we can work together as a community to solve the youth drug problem.
  • A St. Albert neighbourhood went from citizens concerned about removing boulders from the park to creating a healthy, thriving neighbourhood who supports each other.
  • A St. Albert neighbourhood went from conflict with Habitat to Humanity to a thriving and welcoming neighborhood.
  • An ex-Olympian went from doing administrative work for her husband’s business to opening a new track club for youth in Grande Prairie to develop elite athletes.
  • 2012 National Child Day in Edmonton provided a free swim to children and families  at YMCA and City of Edmonton locations and educated grade 5 student on the importance of all children thriving.

These are just a few of the projects we have facilitated. To see more, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a full listing.