Reach Your Results

shutterstock_15006424THRIVE uses a simple, effective process – enabling you to reach the result you desire.

Step 1: Contracting:

We meet with key clients, one on one, to identify what is most important to achieve at the end of the project. What was the catalyst that led to the project? Who needs to be involved? At the end of this stage, we hypothesize the problem that needs solving.

Step 2: Needs assessment:

We research your company and the problem or task at hand. What has been done before? We interview key members in and out of the organizations to get a sense of the real issues. Layers are peeled away until we identify the root cause of the problem and know what needs to happen to get to your results.

Step 3: Process design:

The process we design for your organization is customized to include what is learned in your needs assessment and what we discover about the people who will be attending the session. What is their learning style? What is the predominant personality? What are their expectations? How much time do we have to work with you? Answers to these questions allow us to create a tailored results-based process.

Step 4: Facilitation:

Facilitation typically takes place for two days multiple times a year, or we can meet monthly. As your guide throughout the process, we constantly read the energy in the room, ensuring it is a safe, inviting environment where people are comfortable making contributions. We ensure meaningful questions are asked and that participants feel heard. The end result is a tangible product and action plan.

Step 5: Harvesting:

This step gives you the tools you need to move forward and create the change you want. You will receive a summary of the facilitation notes, which can include important themes that emerged, key priorities and an action plan to move forward. If requested, we can arrange for a professionally written formal report.