Your Architect, Guide, and Pilot

Your facilitator is your architect to design the process, your guide through the process, and your pilot to steer you towards your goal.

Chantal Normand

Our managing director, Chantal Normand, is a professional facilitator, process designer, community-builder, and organization development consultant. She has worked in this capacity for the past 13 years in advertising, non-profit, and government sectors throughout Alberta and Ontario.

Chantal’s combination of education and experience has provided a solid foundation for engaging groups of individuals in meaningful conversations that lead them to action. She acquired her Master’s degree in Adult Education with a specialization in Organization and Community Development from the University of Toronto and has trained with the Berkana Institute’s Art of Hosting Conversations, a global leader in Hosting Conversations that Matter.


An adventurer and social entrepreneur who has traveled extensively in many second- and third-world countries, Chantal was a Canadian ambassador for a five-week Rotary Club exchange in Norway. Her experience includes serving as an instructor in the Bachelor of Human Services Program at Grant MacEwan University for two years.

THRIVE also works with graphic facilitators, photographers, videographers, and writers to provide you with the most innovative and impactful sessions.